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Welcome to the Final Fantasy VII Web Series Development Blog!

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Welcome to our all-new Development blog!

First, a little introduction. The Final Fantasy VII Web Series is a fan-made project - the goal? To create a live-action Web Series that faithfully follows the story of the original game. It is a labour of love by fans, for fans. You might have seen this early proof-of-concept trailer we released late last year:

At the time of its release, it created quite a buzz. Since then, our team has grown from 5 to over 50, and it's increasing every day. The final product will look very different, so stay tuned!


The purpose of this blog is so that anyone who has a keen interest will be able to check out what our team has been working on - everything from art concepts and merchandise to music and sound, we'll be asking creative team members to provide snippets of information from every nook and cranny of the project at least once a week.

We have a website launching soon, a RedBubble merchandise page (where recently our own Ryan Jackson was featured as a favourite of the week for his art!), a Facebook page and a Twitter feed where you can ask us all your burning questions and interact with our team members.


So like us, follow us, and most importantly, share us with anyone you think would be interested - we'll have much more to share with you very soon.

Alex G McKeever, Editor in Chief

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